The problem

You sent a transaction from SORA to Ethereum. Unfortunately, you've selected the wrong network in Metamask (for example BSC) while signing the Ethereum part of the transaction. Now your SORA transaction is completed, and the Ethereum part is completed too... But you haven't gotten your funds.

Don't worry, there is a solution!

In this example, the Rinkeby test network has been switched to the Ropsten test network.

Fix the Problem Following These Steps:

  1. Clear your browser history, then:

    1. Open the Browser Console (using the F12 key).
    2. Open the Application tab
    3. Open Local storage
    4. Right-click on
    5. Select Clear storage

  2. Re-connect your SORA and Ethereum accounts, then open the HASHI bridge page and access the History screen using the icon on the right of the HASHI bridge label.

  3. On the History screen click Restore History

  4. Give it some time. When the history data appears, you will be able to re-run the Ethereum transaction.

  5. Click on the transaction, select the correct network in Metamask (the system will notify you if you have selected a wrong network again), then retry the Ethereum transaction. Make sure that you've selected Ethereum Mainnet for the SORA Mainnet transaction when signing, remember this example is using the Rinkeby testnet.